The 42,000-square-foot giant house, located in Florida’s Hillsborough County, will be sold for $ 22 million.

The house and the land around it resemble a small village. By buying this house you can own a village of your own. The current owners of the house, Don and Erika Wallace, renovated the property for a while when they received the property. The couple made use of the land and made the property and surrounding land a small town.

“I know this sounds a little cliche,” says co-listing agent Dina Sierra Smith, “but this house is just majestic.”

The property plot is designed with a perfect landscape. There are hundreds of oak trees and lakes in the field.

Though a house this size would not be described as intimate, Smith says the mansion is actually quite cozy.

“It’s actually the perfect combination of majesty and family,” she says.

The main house has six bedrooms and eight bathrooms. The house has a living room, kitchen and dining room on the main floor. The house has all bathrooms on the top floor. Downstairs there is a gym, bowling alley, steam room, sauna and heated pool.

There’s a garage for seven cars in the house, and this garage looks like a car showroom.

Nearly 1000 lights are illuminated at night.


Sevdenur Demir /