There are many unusual hotels around the world. But some of them were designed, but never built. Here is the most amazing hotels that were never built.

The Fourth Grace, Liverpool

The hotel was designed by the famous architect British architect Will Alsop. In 2004, the construction of the hotel was suspended due to financial difficulties.

Full Moon Hotel, Baku

The hotel would building in Baku, Azerbaijan. But the project is waiting.

Hotel Commonwealth, New York

The hotel was set up in New York. It was planned to be the biggest hotel in the world. The hotel would have 2,500 rooms. The design would inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Xanadu Hotel, Las Vegas

The hotel was planned to be a Aztec style pyramid. The hotel would have 2000 rooms.  But, due to a dispute arose over sewer line installations built was stop.

Rogers Lacy Hotel, Dallas

The hotel would be built by the oil baron Rogers Lacy. The design would to be done by the famous architect Frank Lyold Wright. But its construction was never completed.

Lunar Hilton Hotel, The Moon

Barron Hilton head of the Hilton Group was think to build a fleet of “Orbiter Hilton” satellite hotels. But, The hotel exploded overly expensive. It was therefore not built.

Source: Expedia

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