One of the most admired homes in the Pennsylvania region of America, the manor is sold for 249,000 euros.

The flamboyant house, which resembles a manor with its appearance, was built in 1900. The house, which is about 3.044 square feet in size, offers a large living space to its owner. The large house has 4 bedrooms. There are 2.5 bathrooms in the house.

This splendid house has gorgeous original woodwork and pine-wood, spacious wooden floors and high ceilings.

The house has 4 decorative fireplaces which are very showy. The house has 2 additional bedrooms, a seating area and a master bathroom. The third floor of the manor is quite large. According to realtors, this part of the house can be divided into two.

The interior design of the house is simple and stylish thanks to the light in almost every region. The details of the wood in its design make it look old and modern.

The house is designed with salon sailor concept. It can be a great room for those who love seas and fishing.

The furniture in the house is victorian. The chandeliers that adorn the walls are quite spectacular.

Along with the surrounding land, it offers a wide entertainment area.

Source: zillow

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