January was a fairly flat month when it comes to rental growth, but a change still gave six of the 10 most expensive rental markets in the United States.

While most of the top 10 cities remained flat, Santa Ana returned to California by giving six of the top 10 cities according to Zumper’s monthly rental report. Changed to Miami’s 10th most expensive city.

Top 10 California cities include San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego and Santa Ana. Three of these cities are in the 5 most expensive markets.

Fewer cities recorded a two-digit price increase in January. And on a monthly basis, Kentucky Louisville saw the highest monthly growth rate for one-bedroom apartments as 4.8 percent, while Columbus, Ohio, saw the highest monthly decline by 5.4 percent.

Overall, as shown in the table below, national one-bedroom rent declined by 0.4 percent in January to $ 1,212, while two bedrooms rose 0.1 percent to $ 1,442. The annual rent for a bedroom is 2.5 percent and the rent for two bedrooms is 3.7 percent.

While these slowdowns and even reductions have provided relief to many tenants, affordability has been a major concern for Americans throughout 2018;

The top five rental markets in the US:

1) San Francisco, California: One bedroom rent rose 2.3 percent to $ 3,580.
However, two bedrooms dropped 0.2 percent to $ 4,640.

2) New York, New York: One bedroom rent increased by 1.1 percent to $ 2,780. However, two bedrooms increased by 2.9 percent to $ 3,200.

3) San Jose, California: One bedroom rent increased by 1.6 percent to US $ 2,530. However, two bedrooms increasing 1 percent to US $ 3,030.

4) Boston, Massachusetts: $ 2,420 for a bedroom rental fell by 1.2 percent. However, two bedrooms increased by 1.5 percent to $ 2,740.

5) Los Angeles, California: One bedroom rent declined by 0.8 percent to $ 2,400. However, two bedrooms declined by 0.6 percent to $ 3,200.

Source: Housing Wire

Melike Vodina / realestatecoulisse.com