Brookfield Property Partners and the Gotham Organization dominate the first 10 projects in New York in March.

A large number of projects emerged in the first 10 months of both companies last month. Brookfield had three projects at 221 West Street (first place), 1 Eagle Street and 15 Eagle Street at Greenpoint, while Gotham Organization had two projects at 575 on 1-15 in Long Island City and 57point28 2. Street.

Overall, the list was split between three projects in Brooklyn, three projects in Queens, two projects in the Bronx and two projects in Manhattan. Staten Island did not appear on the list last month.

The full list of the 10 largest real estate projects of Mart:

1) 221 West Street, Brooklyn

The largest project launched last month was a roughly 719,000 square meter development from Brookfield at 221 West Street in Greenpoint. Development will be 29 floors and 336 feet high.

It will also have 302 housing units for approximately 710,000 square feet. Commercial area will cover the other 9 thousand square meters. Brookfield is also developing Greenpoint Landing with the nearby Park Tower Group.

2) 1-15 57th Avenue, Queens

Gotham Organization came second in March with plans for a mixed-use project of slightly less than 700,000 square feet on 1-15 57th Street in Long Island City.

The building will have a roughly 640,000 square meters residential area, a commercial area of ​​9,000 square meters and a community space of 19,000 square meters. 692 housing units and 57 floors.

Riseboro Community Partnership is also developing the project that will be the tallest building on the Queens coast.

3) 1 Eagle Street, Brooklyn

Another Greenpoint project from Brookfield was third on 1 Eagle Street. The 388,000-square-meter project will have 39 floors with 335 residential units.

4) 57-28 2nd Street, Queens

The plans of Gotham Organization in Long Island City also took point 4. The company is planning another project on 33-28th Street at 57-28 2nd Street with a height of about 360 feet.

The building will consist of 452 houses of approximately 328,000 square meters and will include a community facility of roughly 7,000 square meters. Riseboro Community Development, according to YIMBY, also helps in the development of this project.

5) 13-38 Central Avenue, Queens

A roughly 195,000 square meter project in Far Rockaway completed the first five of March. The mixed-use development with 219 units comes from Brisa Builders Corporation, an affordable housing company. So, there will be nine floors on 13-38 Central Avenue.

Furthermore, it will contain 219 housing units of approximately 132,000 square meters and will have a commercial area of ​​12,000 square meters and a community area of ​​51,000 square meters. The first floor, non-profit offices and some housing units along with class and gym space, retail and storage space will be on the second floor.

The residential area will include Class A and supporting housing units.

6) 4720 Third Avenue, Bronx

Bronx entered the list for the first time with the permission of a project of approximately 191,000 square meters planned for the 4720 Third Street in Belmont. The project comes from the holding company Cactus Holdings, which controls the Western Beef supermarket chain.

The mixed-use building will include 159 housing units, and will occupy a nine-storey high ground with an area of ​​approximately 128,000 square meters, a commercial area of ​​61,000 square meters and a common area of ​​900 square meters.

7) 15 Eagle Street, Brooklyn

The latest Greenpoint project from Brookfield on the list will spread over an area of ​​approximately 175,000 square meters at 15 Eagle Street. It will stand seven floors high and will include 108 housing units.

8) 4790 Broadway, Manhattan

An affordable housing project from the City’s Housing Protection and Development Department shows Manhattan for the first time on the list. The development at 4790 Broadway in Inwood will spread over an area of ​​approximately 145,000 square meters and will have 14 floors.

Moreover, it will have 174 housing units at approximately 118,000 square meters and will have a common area of ​​26,000 square meters. The project will include a new library as it is in the current location of the Inwood Library.

9) 310 Grand Concourse, Bronx

Simon Kaufman’s YS Realty plans a project of approximately 135,000 square meters at the 310 Grand Concourse in Mott Haven. The project will be 14 floors high and will include 157 housing units.

10) 310 East 86th Street, Manhattan

Izaki Group Investments closed its March list with a project of 129,000 square meters on 310 East 86th Street on the Upper East Side. However, the condo building would consist of 20 floors and 68 units.

In 2017, IGI purchased the 310-314 East 86th Street from Gary Barnett’s Extell Development for $ 42 million and reported that it was planning a smaller housing project.

Source: The Real Deal

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