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Despite China’s economic fluctuations, Chinese buyers are still among the most popular overseas real estate investors in the world., Chinese international property web site, compiled the top four overseas property markets that still popular for Chinese property investors.

Australia ;

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Chinese buyer appetite for the land down under is still going strong and Juwai data forecasts a significant growth spurt in Chinese property investors in the next five years – of which Australia stands to benefit greatly from.

According to CBRE, Chinese demand for outbound investment is prevalent, and Australia is “definitely one of the top destinations” and remains eminently attractive.

United States (US);

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The American dream is still alive for Chinese, it seems. The US remains a top choice for Chinese property investors, with California, Florida, New York, Texas, and Washington reigning as the five favourite US states with Chinese buyers.

Juwai data reveals St. Louis, Gainesville, Florida, and Seattle as the next rising hotspots to watch.Chinese also rank as part of the top five most prolific international homebuyers in 46 of 50 states in the US.3 Clearly, the Chinese – who spent US$28.6 billion on American real estate – plan to retain their spot as the largest group of foreign property investors in the US.

United Kingdom (UK);

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As the education hotspot for Chinese students – 2014 charted 87,895 Chinese students in Britain, 58,810 whom were newcomers– the UK is heavily favoured by Chinese investors due to its top-ranking universities, as well as for its stringent gun control laws that render it a safer country for Chinese students.

Japan ;

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Chinese investor attention on Japan has been on a rise – the Purchasing Intent Index showed a 20% growth in interest by Chinese investors earlier this year.

Juwai data shows the top four cities most popular with Chinese buyers are Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe.Japan’s popularity as a holiday haven is also a big motivation. Japan was the No. 1 travel destination for Chinese during the October Golden Week, with Chinese visitors doubling to 400,000 Chinese tourists who spent over 100 billion yen (US$830 million) in those seven days.

While the above destinations remain at the top, Chinese buyers are increasingly casting their eyes further to less-conventional property investment destinations.

Up-and-coming Mediterranean destinations on Chinese radar have shown rapidly growing purchasing intent, while Spain has snagged the most Chinese investors, followed by Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, and Greece.

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