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Conceptualized as a new mixed-use urban district located on the expanding and increasingly well-connected eastern edge of Mumbai, The Trees carefully choreographs a robust program of residential, retail, hotel, and commercial uses on a 34-acre site.

The Trees offers the best aspects of city life close to nature, and at a pace set by those living here. The development is a unique blend of uses that ensures a vibrant community will thrive.

Each Residential tower offers unique views while the landscape connects the entire cluster through a series of courts programmed with generous amenities at the ground level.

Courtyard trails, sculpted play elements, outdoor lounge areas and an urban farm are all just a step away.

With 3 apartments to a core, homes are spacious and well designed allowing for a great degree of personalization.Private parking is ample but discreet, with underground car parks conveniently located below the development.

Prices are changing between $304,000 and $700,000 in development.It is expectes to complete in 2019.

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