Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu stated that there is no other construction project which is planning as grand as the new airport project in the world

The world's largest airport will open at 2017

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu talked about Turkey’s 3rd airport project which will be the largest airport in the world as the same time. 

Davutoğlu underlined that the first stage of the project will be at service at October 29, 2017 and there will be no lack of green areas. “This is a grand project in terms of it cost and size. It will be the world’s largest airport when it is completed. More than 10 million euros will be spent for this project at construction process. We will earn more than 22 million euros by renting the airport when its finished. More than 150 airline company will use this airport and estimated passenger amount is 150 million.”

Prime Minister said that 15.000 m2 of the total 80.000 m2 land will be allocated to green areas and there will be no lack of green areas, on the contrary there will be 5 million more tree planting at the area. Tecnology level of the airport project will be the highest and 120 thousand people will work in the project. 

Atatürk Airport will be green area! 

Davutoğlu stated that a little part of the Atatürk Airport will be spared for private aircrafts but the rest of the area will be green areas.