If you do not want to vacation in crowded hotels you should see the smallest hotels in the world. Here are the smallest luxury hotels in the world …

Grand House (ALGARVE, PORTUGAL) – Opening January 2019

The hotel building, which was built in 1920, consists of 31 rooms.

Fingal (EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND) – Opening January 2019

The ship, which was formerly the royal family’s yacht, is now run as a boutique hotel in Scotland. There are 23 rooms in the boutique hotel which has an investment of 3.6 million dollars.

Belmond Cadogan Hotel (LONDON, UK) – Opening February 2019

The construction and restoration of the hotel took 3 years. The hotel cost $ 48 billion. Opened in February, the hotel is designed in the style of Queen Anne.

Arthaus Gemmayze (BEIRUT, LEBANON) – Opening Spring 2019

The hotel was built in Beirut Arthaus Gemmayze. The boutique hotel in Bohemian style is Beirut’s smallest luxury hotel.

Plaza 18 (ANDALUSIA, SPAIN) – Opening Spring/Summer 2019

The hotel was designed as a merchant house in Andalusia. The project is a collaboration between famed interior architect and designer Nicky Dobree and the neighboring hotel La Casa del Califa.

Source: forbes.com

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