A news website announced the worst cities in America. Here are the worst cities in America …

The Financial News Site announced the worst cities in America in terms of affordability, economy and quality of life. The region at the top of the list is Mendota.

Mendota is just 2 hours from San Jose. However, there is a huge gap between the two regions in terms of opportunities. In the Mendota region, financial insecurity and unemployment rose in the last decade. The region receives most of its income from agriculture. Unemployment in the region has a ratio of 15.4 percent. High unemployment rate reduced the quality of life.

“Mendota has also been plagued with high crime, high poverty, and low education,” says John Graff, a broker at Ashby & Graff Real Estate in Los Angeles.

“Agricultural work pays very low, and four-year college degrees are not necessary for the overwhelming majority of job opportunities here,” Graff notes

The list is located in two cities in Hawaii. The cities of Makaha and Waianae were listed as the worst cities in terms of quality of life. Makaha was considered the worst place to live in the province due to its high living costs and low purchasing capacity.

In the area of Waianae Makaha region is experiencing the same situation. House prices in the region of the power of the local people to be on the top of the place to live. 27 percent of the people in the region live below the poverty line.

The worst cities to live

Mendota, CA
Florida City, FL
California City, CA
Makaha, HI
Highland Park, MI
Bessemer, AL
Bastrop, LA
Waianae, HI
Anniston, AL
Avenal, CA

Source: realtor.com

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