Tim Towers project that located in Gölbaşı region of Ankara is being constructed by Timtas Insaat. Prices of the project start at TL 450.000.

Tim Towers Project in Ankara!

Tim Towers project that constructed by Timtas Insaat totally consists of 161 apartments. Apartments of at the project are designed as 2+1, 4+1 and 5+1 concepts. Apartments sizes change between 107 m2 and 225 m2. 

The project that has 13 thousand 387 m2 land is located in Gölbaşı region of Ankara. Tim Towers project also includes parking garage, green field, security, social facility, gym, fitness center, sauna, walking trail and indoor and outdoor swimming pools etc.

Prices of the project start at TL450.000 and rise to TL1.250.000. Delivery time is announced as June, 2016.

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Tim Towers Communication

Web Site: www.timtowers.com.tr

Tel:  +90 444 9 846

Damla DOGAN/ damladogan@emlakcoulisse.com

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