The scope of the protocol that is signed with the Ministry of Health, TOKİ (Housing Development Administration of Turkey ) will build 78 new hospitals.

TOKİ will build 78 new hospitals!

TOKİ has performed the tender of 16 thousand 704 hospitals with bed, completed the construction of 71 new hospitals and delivered to the Ministry of Health. The construction of the 142 hospitals continue.

The new protocol was signed between the Ministry of Health and TOKİ. 2 thousand 905 new hospitals with beds to be agreed to build. The protocol has been signed by Deputy Minister of Health Agah Kafkas and the president of TOKİ Ahmet Haluk Karabel. Within the scope of the protocol, 43 hospitals are in the tender process. Also TOKİ will build 72 family health centers.

Smart hospitals will be built

TOKİ (Housing Development Administration of Turkey) will build smart hospitals in Ordu-Fatsa with 300 beds, Antalya Kepez with 300 beds, Kocaeli-Gebze with 400 beds, Muğla with 500 beds, Mersin Tarsus with 600 beds.

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