According to Sabah Newspaper’s news; While Turkey manages to close 2013 with growth and retardation in Europe’s economic crisis, Turkey is confident for 2014…

Turkey steady growth continues!

It is stated that domestic attempts to circumvent stability did not affect the business world and from industrialists to merchants, every sector places emphasis on stability. In addition to stating that Turkey’s powerful government will also complete the electoral period with success, the business world aims to particularly make a blow in exports. In 2014, all industries from textile and tourism, to retail and electronics aim for a growth no less than 10%. It seems as though the SMEs that started to take action with the long-term stability and incentives increased by the government in the last decade to boost the real sector and decrease current deficit are going to reach a peak in export. 70,000 exporter SMEs are aimed to get a share of 80% from exports in 2014. 

Ibrahim Caglar (Chairman of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce)

Opportunity time for Turkey

As the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, we believe that Turkey will grow over 4% in 2014. 2014 is a significant opportunity for our country. There has been futile talk about a global crisis for 5 years. I evaluate the situation a little differently. The last years were a taboo-breaking period rather than a period crisis. We must now seek how we can sell more to the EU, the US and China. 

Nail Olpak (Independent Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association President)

We’re resistant to domestic and foreign shocks

We will be entering the first days of 2014 with the ongoing repercussions of the operation that marked the last weeks. We should remember that in the last decade, Turkey achieved to provide stability in all areas by paying huge prices and came out stronger from the shocks. Our country has continued on its path to growth and so it shall be. 

Adil Konukoglu (Chairman of the Gaziantep Chamber of Industry)

We’re not pessimistic regarding foreign exchange

We expect that Turkey will close 2013 with a growth rate of 4.2%. 2014 won’t be any different from this year. We are not pessimistic regarding foreign exchange in the upcoming period. Currently Turkey exports across the world. We export to 177 countries as Gaziantep alone. Export will increasingly continue. 

Vahap Kucuk (President of the Trade Council of Shopping Centers and Retailers)

Increase in incomes will continue

With the electoral period ahead of us and policies to decrease the expenses, 2014 will be the year of significant pros. The government did not fail to set high growth targets for this year too. Incomes are also expected to increase this year. 

Cem Negrin (President of the Turkish Clothing Manufacturers Association)

Export to increase 10%

We closed 2013 with $17.5 billion and our aim is to grow 10% this year. With the increased exchange rate, procurement groups are expected to increase their orders. Our anticipated growth in the domestic market is 5%. 

Osman Ayik (President of Turkish Hoteliers Federation)

Tourism has spread across the country

In 2013 we rose above our targeted growth figures. We are going to be equally successful in 2014. Tourism is no longer centrally-focused and has started to spread across Turkey. In addition to Istanbul and the coastal cities, the Black Sea, the East and South East are also trending. 30,000-40,000 new beds are added every year. This is out of the question for neighboring countries.

Ibrahim Burkay (Chairman of the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

R&D investment will gain speed

Bursa is planning to make a huge investment in R&D, chiefly in space technologies. If Turkey wants to be big, it needs to rocket its own Gökmen into space and produce its own space technologies. Bursa is a candidate to achieve this goal. As industrialists, we should focus on products and sectors having high added value. 

Erkan Gural (Chairman of the Young Businessmen Confederation of Turkey)

This is the year of export

We expect the fearless commercial enterprises by Turkish SMEs to continue in 2014. With the increase in foreign exchange, 2014 will be the year of export. We will encounter an important election this year. However, having powerful economic dynamics, Turkey will come out of this only stronger.

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