According to the eMoov‘s latest consumer research, which is the first snapshot of public sentiment since Theresa May stood outside Downing Street to express her wish for a snap general election, both buyer and seller will continue with their property transaction regardless of the general election or its outcome.

eMoov canvassed the opinion of 1,000 home buyers and sellers asking them…

“Given the the announcement of a snap general election – if you are buying/selling a house will you still go ahead & buy/sell regardless?”

UK Sellers

56.7% -Yes, it doesn’t matter

24.4% – Undecided

18.4%- No, I’d wait

UK Buyers

59.2% -Yes, it doesn’t matter


17.5%-No, I’d wait


Founder & CEO,, Russell Quirk

“This initial look at both buyer and seller sentiment shows that the news of a snap election has failed to deter the majority of UK home sellers and buyers.

“This election is a bold move by Theresa May and one that will look to settle any underlying opposition within the UK government around Britain’s decision to leave the EU.

“Since the vote to leave the EU we’ve seen the market remain remarkably resilient despite a degree of buyer uncertainty which essentially acts as property transaction kryptonite. Therefore, the eradication of questions around the legitimacy of the EU vote, a second referendum and any other opposition will only serve to buoy the housing market further and should see a large degree of stability return going forward.

Source : eMoov


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