Want to live under the sea like a fish? That’s what this extraordinary house in Miami is all about. The most important feature of the house is the presence of a historic wine cellar in the house.

The house of 3,360 square meters was originally built in 1925. The house has 4 bedrooms. The house was recently renovated in 1980. The house stands largely in its old form. The historic areas at home bring you back to 1925. The wine cellar inside the house is the most special part of the house. The vials on the walls of the wine cellar are carefully decorated. You can watch the ocean between the stone walls of the wine cellar.

Rent agent says “A lot of these houses were built in a square shape around a courtyard so they could get optimum breezes, because the ocean is so far away,” explains Smith. The urban area once attracted “well-heeled Northeasterners who wanted to get out of the winter.”

Fans of the life aquatic will fall hard for this home because “you can see water—whether it’s the pond or the waterfall or the swimming pool—from every room,” says Smith.

Architectural features include a French fireplace with a living room. They also have wooden beams in the house.

Source: realtor

Sevdenur Demir / [email protected]