The US Coast Guard ship is known as the Nantucket Lightship (WLV-612). The ship is 128 meters in size. Nantucket Lightship has been left out of service and expertly converted into a luxury yacht house.

It is now sold for $ 5.2 million in the Boston real estate market. The Nantucket Lightship’s monikeri, tested at sea, rides waves according to its duties and locales.

Furthermore, in 2000, William and Kristen Golden rescued the Nantucket Lightship from a planned scrap heap – bought from the Commonwealth of Nations on eBay for $ 126,100. They then invested millions in a new historic naval protection model to restore the ship.

For more than three years, they have designed and built the ship’s special mahogany interior, electrical, plumbing and operating equipment. This also includes a new engine, new generators, new hydraulic, pneumatic operation controls, modern GPS navigation device and autopilot.

The upgrades to make Nantucket Lightship safer, more reliable and more economical than the US Coast Guard ship, Gold says (known as “Bill”). Even the poles, spiders, crow’s nest, fog horn and lanterns are preserved.

Nantucket Lightship, currently located in Boston’s Commercial Wharf, has a 421 ITC, 360-degree view, 4,000 square meters of living space, and an outdoor entertainment platform of 2,000 square meters with a platform for a group or opera singer.

Source: Forbes

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