Venedik Saraylari Gaziosmanpasa offers 2 bedroom apartments for prices starting at TL 499,000. Home buyers can choose from 1, 2 , or 3 bedroom apartments.

Venedik Saraylari Gaziosmanpasa: 2 bedroom apartment for TL 499,000!

Located on the European side of İstanbul in Gaziosmanpasa, Venedik Sarayları is a part of the new residential development Viaport Venezia. Constructed by Bayraktar and Gursoy Investment Trust, Venedik Saraylari offers 900 new homes.

Venedik Saraylari Gaziosmanpasa apartment prices:

1 bedroom apartments starting at TL 329,000

2 bedroom apartments starting at TL 499,000

3 bedroom apartments starting at TL 699,000

After a down payment of 5% instalments are postponed. Venedik Saraylari Gaziosmanpasa apartments will be delivered in May 2015.

Venedik Saraylari Gaziosmanpasa address: Eski Edirne Asfalti Metris Kavsagi, Kucukkoy-Gaziosmanpasa/ISTANBUL

For more information please call Venedik Sarayları at 444 8 842   or visit  

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