The plans of the first vertical forest housing complex in Egypt have been announced. Construction of the project will begin in 2020. In addition, the project is expected to be completed in 2022.

The project is being headed up by Italian architect Stefano Boeri alongside Egyptian designer Shimaa Shalash and Italian landscape architect Laura Gatti.

The project will consist of three tower blocks, each measuring 30 meter in height. It will comprise 350 trees and 14,000 shrubs of over 100 species overall. Two of the properties will ben residential ağartments and one will ben a hotel.

Shimaa Shalash said, “Egypt is witnessing a flourishing moment in terms of new planning and real estate development. This is the moment to be present.We couldn’t think of a better start than introducing environmentally sustainable architecture solutions.”

Source: Construction Week Online

Fulya Altunyay/[email protected]