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China’s Wanda recently achieved great success in its project presentations in New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Chengdu and Shenzhen, attracting a large number of high-net-value clients to attend and subscribe.

Within project presentations, Wanda’s overseas project team introduced the Gold Coast Jewel project in Australia and Wanda Tower Chicago project in the US to real estate professionals and clients, zeroing in on location perspective, facility support, architectural design and investment prospects. Wanda also discussed hot topics such as individual overseas real estate investment trends.

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Wanda’s overseas real estate business is a key component of Wanda Group’s international expansion. The company plans to develop high-end real estate projects, centered around company-owned and branded luxury hotels and deluxe apartments. The layout of Wanda Group’s global plan includes creating real estate developments in the UK, US, Australia and Spain that will stand out as world-renowned, metropolitan projects . All overseas projects are located at the core of the world’s top international cities, employing top-of-the-line resources.

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