A bedroom which is basically known is that it has a closed sleeping area and no studio apartment. however, when we need to list a list, things can become difficult.

So what are the main differences between one bedroom and studio? Here’s what the experts says one bedroom should has that features:

1) Is 70 or 80 square feet, at a minimum
2) Has at least two ways out
3) Has a ceiling at least half of which is at least 7 feet tall
4) Has a window of at least 5.7 square feet
5) Has a way to heat or cool down the room (i.e. a heater, air conditioning, or simply a window that can be opened)
6) One-bedroom apartments also typically contain a kitchenette or separate kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, and a closet.

Sharon Lewonski, partner and real estate practice chair of the Culhane Meadow law firm says “The living space and the bedroom space are joined as one,”.

Typically, the bathroom is the only other room in a studio apartment.

And added ‘some studios feature a loft sleeping area, but because the area doesn’t have any of these elements of a one-bedroom highlighted above—or four walls separating it from the rest of the apartment—it can’t be considered a bedroom. Also they can be quite large.’

Source: Realtor

Melike Vodina / realestatecoulisse.com