According to the StreetEasy report, median sales prices increased by 68 percent in Brooklyn. With these figures, the Brooklyn real estate market was America’s strongest real estate market.

In Brooklyn, one of the most important cities of America, property values ​​are increasing day by day. According to StreetEasy’s report, Media sales prices increased 68 percent. The city has the most powerful real estate market in the country. With the combination of culture, restaurants, schools and historic architecture, Brooklyn is the most popular city on the eastern coast. The Brooklyn is the most popular real estate market.

Brooklyn is reasonably priced compared to other American cities. According to StreetEasy, the discount rate in Brooklyn is 42 percent. However, the discount rate in some neighborhoods has been reduced.

Also there’s a lot of excess supply in Brooklyn. New buildings are being built in many parts of Brooklyn. According to an analysis, 43,000 homes are expected to be delivered in New York City between 2018 and 2020. More than half of these houses are located in Brooklyn and Queens.

However the transportation to Brooklyn is in a bad condition. According to the analyzes, the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway is the 11th worse highway in the country. Last fall, the city announced that some sections would be closed. Renovations will be made in the closed areas. In other words, the streets traffic may be closed in the coming days in Brooklyn.

Source: forbes

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