According to real estate experts, most suitable markets for hotel investment in Africa are Ghana and Addis Ababad. According to experts, investment in these countries can provide profit to investors.

According to Mike Tavares, CEO of United Consulting, an independent African management consulting firm specializing in tourism and hospitality, countries such as Ghana, Addis Ababa and Ethiopia are emerging as yönetim new players olan for development.

Bruce Ford, the global business development director at SVP and Lodging Econometrics, said it is currently a total of 10 hotel projects in Ghana, including several facilities around Kotoka International Airport.

One of the hotels opened in this area belongs to the Marriott brand. In February, the Marriott signed an agreement to open the Residence Inn at Accra Kotoka Airport.

Unlike other African countries, said Tavares, Ghana’s government has focused on diversifying the country’s economy and has clearly defined strategies to promote the tourism and hospitality sectors. “According to the International Monetary Fund, Ghana will be the fastest-growing economy in the world this year,” he said. “[As such], global hotels are preparing to plunge more into this market.”

Thomas Emanuel, director at STR, cited Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa as a significant emerging market. “It’s had a huge influx of supply recently,” he said. After Cairo, Addis Ababa is the city with the most hotels development on the continent. Currently, Addis Ababa has more than 4,000 guest rooms.

According to 2017 figures in Ethiopia, the presence of hotels increased by almost 50 percent. He estimates Addis Ababa constitutes 86 percent of the total.


Sevdenur Demir /