Infrastructure facilities can increase the value of properties. The regions with good facilities are preferred by property buyers. Infrastructure projects mean a smooth property. In addition, infrastructure projects can create new jobs. Where are the most popular infrastructure points in Australia?

There are projects that contribute to strong property market ın Adelaide. According to Anna Porter, valuer, property commentator and CEO of Suburbanite “Adelaide is set to see thousands of new jobs which will underpin employment, financial security, cash flow into the economy and in turn the property market.”

“The projects coming out of Adelaide are creating jobs as well as encouraging people to move to the area to set down roots, which is set to boost internal migration to the very liveable city.

“These projects such as the hospital will not only create jobs internally but there is a flow on effect to the businesses outside of the hospital such as cleaning companies, cafés, florists and the general supply chain to the hospital. This will create spending in the local economy as well and a thriving economy will result in a thriving property market.”

In addition, the Royal Adelaide Hospital was recently opened ın Adelaide.

“The next major project, being the defence contract for manufacture and maintenance of military boats out of Port Adelaide will be kicking off, as well as the recent announcement by Lionsgate that they will be adding another 1,200 jobs to the former Holden site with renewed manufacturing activities in batteries and other innovative sectors,” she said.

Many projects were announced in Tasmania. However, many projects could not be realized. The island of Tasmania has shown high economic growth over the last two years. The unemployment rate on the island decreased.

“Hobart significantly underperformed over this time and based on the research this will continue to occur into the next three to five years based on the proposed pipeline,” said Ms Porter.

An airport will be opened soon ın area. The airport is expected to significant job creator. “Gone are the days where students needed to travel for universities – now these western Sydney hubs are seeing universities anchoring their presence and also partnering with local hospitals to facilitate health and education opportunities in these locations,” she said.

“The health and education boost will see the Nepean Hospital receive a $550 million upgrade, the Campbelltown hospital receive a $632 million upgrade and the University of Wollongong cementing a Liverpool campus.

“The RAAF Heavy Air Lift Group and Australian Army Special Forces will find their home bases here which will increase the presence of defence personnel and their respective families in the region, thus likely to take up available housing stock in the surrounding suburbs.”

The problems of the North East Link railway project are expected to be solved. But Ms Porter said it “certainly won’t be a game changer for the residential real estate market”.

“This is the same with the Melbourne rail infrastructure, whilst the area is set to benefit from the other improvements such as the Ring Rail, which will provide Melbournians with a second metro line, this isn’t the catalyst for housing growth in the immediate future.”


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