1 percent VAT apply in Nurol Life project. If you want to learn Where is Nurol Life? you can read this news. Bank loan available in the project…

 Where is Nurol Life? On sale in February 2014!

There are 50 floors a block in Nurol Life Seyrantepe project. Where is Nurol Life answer to the question is in this news.

Nurol Life Residence sale apartment type: studio, 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom. The project will located behind to Turk Telekom Arena.

Deliveries at Istanbul Nurol Life Residence will take place 3 years after. If you want to learn Where is Nurol Life you can read this news.

Seyrantepe Nurol Life is comprised 502 apartments. This project will on sale in February 2014. The project’s social areas are; car park, fitness center, sauna, sports areas and seucirty system.

Where is Nurol Life?

This project is building in the European side of Istanbul-Seyrantepe by Nurol Real Estate Investment Trusts.

Phone: 0 212 286 82 40

Web:  http://www.nurolgyo.com.tr/

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