Australia is a country where many people dream of living with their comfortable living conditions and level of development. Many domestic and foreign investors want to buy property from Australia. Where to buy a property in Australia in 2019?

According to experts, the country will be valued during the year 2019. Apart from this, more investments are expected in the balines. Some experts say that rent rates are high and small settlements will gain more value.

Tony Warland, CEO of Ray White QLD:

Mr Warland believes the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, as well as Ipswich and certain East Brisbane suburbs, will be the regions to watch in 2019.

“If you take a look at Brisbane markets where there’s high infrastructure such as the growth suburbs of Murarrie and Tingalpa, you can access the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, airport and city all within 30 to 40 minutes,” Mr Warland said.

He said many homeowners were sitting tight, but rental occupancy rates were high, making investment properties “still a solid option”.

“This all ties in to the finance regulations, which have changed in our market, and how buyers realign with their capacity to obtain money,” Mr Warland said.

“When we take a look at Queensland overall, Cairns has a lot of cranes up at the moment, Townsville is steady because it’s always had the infrastructure, the Sunshine Coast has had really good numbers of sales which is creating a shortage of stock, Brisbane has hot markets in the north and south of the city depending on who you are in the market and what you need, and the Gold Coast fared very well after the Commonwealth Games, so we’re really looking forward to the big auctions there in January, which will be an indicator of people’s interest.”

Damian Hackett, managing director of Place Estate Agents:

There are also experts who think that 2019 is an important opportunity for investment.”With property prices sky high in Sydney and Melbourne, we sit in the perfect position to capitalise on that, as the southern markets look north for something more affordable,” Mr Hackett said.

“We’re 90 per cent cheaper than Sydney, 43 per cent cheaper than Melbourne.

“Buyers are now moving to Queensland to match employment opportunities, affordability and liveability in one location.”

Mr Hackett said he expected interstate migration to continue to increase in 2019 and the market to be buoyed by the major infrastructure spend underway in Brisbane.

“Over 130 major projects are on the cards, with a total spend of more than $55 billion – the highest in recent history,” he said.

John Fitzgerald, author of ‘7 Steps to Wealth’:

Experts think that the internal migration movements will affect the real estate market. John Fitzgerald, author of ‘7 Steps to Wealth’ expects the city’s median house price (currently $655,000) to jump 50 per cent in the next three years.

“The great northern migration is back on, with Sydneysiders leaving in droves and moving north,” Mr Fitzgerald said.

“In 2016-17, the Gold Coast added another 7000 residents courtesy of internal migration according to the Bureau of Statistics, picking up a healthy portion of the 15,160 people that fled NSW at the height of Sydney’s property boom.

“The Coast is unique in that it has the highest population growth in the country, while having a land supply that will be fully exhausted in this property cycle.”

Mr Fitzgerald said land on the Gold Coast was the “golden egg” for investors because it was ripe for growth.


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