A few reasons for investing in New Zealand, where the real estate market is popular.

Tax Benefits
No stamp duty, no wealth or death duty, no estate taxes, no capital gains tax.
Excellent deductibility provisions of losses or expenditure from one business to another. New Zealand has one of the highest residential property depreciation rates in the world.

Financing Available
Facilities are available for non-residents of New Zealand to borrow against the security of New Zealand properties. Up to 65% and in some cases to 70% of purchase price or valuation.

Political Stability
The political environment in New Zealand is stabile with a government committed to economic growth. Investment in both business and property is encouraged with no restriction of ownership by overseas residents except in some limited instances requiring Overseas Investment Office (OIO) consent.

OIO Approval
Foreign investors wishing to acquire commercial property in New Zealand can freely do so without the approval of the Overseas Investment Office (OIO) up to a level of NZ$10,000,000. Beyond that level OIO approval is required and is also required for some rural and waterfront property acquisitions.

Source:Peninsula Bay

Fulya Altunyay/realestatecoulisse.com