Sharon is preparing to demolish 15 houses in the first phase of the city demolition house, about 60 dilapidated plans across the city.

At the Sharon City Council meeting on Wednesday, Community and Economic Development Director Melissa Phillips proposed a $ 68,000 demolition contract for Siegel for the excavation of the town of Siening in Lawrence County.

However, prohibiting unexpected disruptions, Phillips said the proposal will approve by the end of March 27 and the demolitions would begin on April 15th.

In the first phase of the project, the city had five houses out of the original list of 20 buildings opened for demolition. Phillips said five proprietors have either developed a work plan with Code Officer Dave Tomko to bring the houses to the building code, or they would pay a demolition fee to reimburse the city. Many of the remaining 15 houses killed, he added.

He received an offer from four contractors for the city demolition project. Siegel Excavating’s bid has reached its lowest level, but Phillips said a weighted grading system created to ensure that the contract awarded to the “lowest responsible bidder” instead of just the lowest bidder.

“I thought performing some extra due diligence probably in the best interest of all,” Phillips said. “We really considered the legal language of lowest responsible bidder, and created a bid submission checklist with specific items that are legal/community block grant related.”

Phillips also said that Siegel was looking for references to Farrell Hermitage.

“We received positive reviews from all municipalities they have worked with,” she said.

The demolition project originally scheduled for May 2018. Social Development Block Grant Scheme financed the project. Social Development Block Grant Scheme financed the project. The city through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, the authorities pushed for demolition. Until the authories decided on it and the list had no historical significance.

The city “continued” the final of the project earlier this year. “We do have additional funding,” Phillips said. “So we will be looking at additional demolitions definitely in the near future.”

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