Zoopla’s most watched Art Deco house is on the market. The house in Wales, was re-listed with great renovations. The price of the house was set at € 695,000.

The pair of Dayne and Julie Bartlett had bought the house in an auction in 2015. They were decided to resell the house.

Built in 1930, the house was renovated for a while. Initially the cost of the house was set at £ 80,000. However, 200,000 pounds were spent to renovate the house. It took 3 years to rebuild the house. The renovated house was re-launched at € 695,000.

Dayne told “We thought (the house) was a steal really. We were told so many people wanted it and we thought we’d never have it. It was a shock really.

She added “We didn’t know how much it would cost to do up, we initially thought £80,000 but it went way over that.”

Dayne explained the reasons for leaving home.”We’re selling it for a life change really. We’re not getting any younger and I want more free time. I have been working for the last 25 years all hours, living and working on the site. We got the means there now to give us a better lifestyle.”

The designers who renovated the house restored the house by remaining faithful to the old. The house has an entrance hall, two reception rooms, a kitchen, four bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as a double garage. There are also a heated outdoor swimming pool, sauna room and cinema room in the house.

Dayne said: “From what it was derelict to what it is now is a complete change. The council and Cadw are happy with it and think we have done a good job on it.

“We have a new patio on the back which link to the pool and a sauna by the pool house. The pool is 12×24 has lighting and heating and it’s great for the grandkids or if you have a party.

“There’s also my cinema room which overlooks the pool. It has a 3D projector, 83 inch screen and surround sound, and that is stunning. It’s like a cinema.

Source: mirror.co.uk

Photo: Richard Swingler WS

Sevdenur Demir / [email protected]